The First Kick

Pregnancy is blessing, becoming mother is one of the most beautiful experience. At 8 weeks ultrasound scan for the first time I heard the heart beat of my baby, it was so strong and audible ❤ ❤


Astonishing moment of my life! 👶

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The journey of motherhood begins the moment you realize you are pregnant! It is most powerful creation to have life growing inside of you there is no bigger gift ☺ in the first ultrasound scan its an amazing feel to see tiny little bones, spine, heart beat and it’s part of you.

The first kick is incredible.. tiny little kicks, punches and rolling side to side seems like butterfly buzzing in tummy🤗 ha ha.. 😍 a sensation that can’t be explained in words.


I started experiencing my baby’s kicks and punches from 20th week 😊 the kicks and punches are too strong 🤕 having sleepless nights but enjoying those cute little movements 😜😘 awww so adorable, it’s a boon for every girl to go through pregnancy!


Enjoying my sleepless nights and tiring days! Still 4 more months to go 😄 eagerly awaiting for our baby arrival 🤗👶

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