The First Kick

Pregnancy is blessing, becoming mother is one of the most beautiful experience. At 8 weeks ultrasound scan for the first time I heard the heart beat of my baby, it was so strong and audible ❤ ❤


Astonishing moment of my life! 👶

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The journey of motherhood begins the moment you realize you are pregnant! It is most powerful creation to have life growing inside of you there is no bigger gift ☺ in the first ultrasound scan its an amazing feel to see tiny little bones, spine, heart beat and it’s part of you.

The first kick is incredible.. tiny little kicks, punches and rolling side to side seems like butterfly buzzing in tummy🤗 ha ha.. 😍 a sensation that can’t be explained in words.


I started experiencing my baby’s kicks and punches from 20th week 😊 the kicks and punches are too strong 🤕 having sleepless nights but enjoying those cute little movements 😜😘 awww so adorable, it’s a boon for every girl to go through pregnancy!


Enjoying my sleepless nights and tiring days! Still 4 more months to go 😄 eagerly awaiting for our baby arrival 🤗👶

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Wildlife Habitat Destruction

Wildlife! The true beauty of nature but due to habitat destruction and fragmentation we humans are exerting many species lives into danger. Many of species have come to extinction, critically endangered. Why numerous species are on the edge of extinct? What are the main reasons?


Currently Black Rhinoceros is considered to be most critically endangered and on the brink of extinction, Very few in number. Human hunting has thinned down the number of Rhinoceros only a handful left now.

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Next critically endangered animal is Borneo Elephant also known as pygmy elephant exclusively found in the Borneo Island of Malaysia.


A baby Borneo elephant(critically endangered) in immediate danger of extinct, today less than 1000 left in Sabah.

Cross River Gorilla, Red Wolf, Cottontop Tamarin, Eastern Gorilla, Orangutan, Radiated Tortoise etc so many animals are in danger. Reason?


1.Deforestation and Habitat fragmentation

Cutting down trees, removal of forests to convert them into farmlands or urbanisation or ranches. Reducing forests into relatively small, isolated patches. Some specialized species cannot adjust to climate and environmental changes due to the habitat loss, they can live only under certain environment else they are prone to diseases.

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2.Hunting and poaching

It is a sport which involves killing wild animals, people do it for pleasure but they are bringing lot of species to extinction. Hunting heavily contributed to the endangerment, extirpation of many animals.


Pollution has already shown adverse affect on humans, even wildlife suffers from pollution sometimes pollution can even kill some species. Air pollution, water pollution, plenty of chemicals are released by industries which is polluting water, air and environment.


Please stop hurting us 😦 let us live, please dont put our lives at stake because of your (human) pleasure. Please save us we want to live.